Monthly Archives: June 2016 Provides Our Best Gate Intercom Solution

Security is extremely important in today’s world, and you don’t want to find your business with its pants down because they didn’t take the proper precautions in the beginning. There are many different pieces of equipment that can help secure a business, and one thing Country Music Summit knew they needed was a high quality gate intercom.

A Special Type Of Gate Need

A business like Country Music Summit has very specific needs when it comes to security. They need to be open enough to allow employees to come and go easily without being harassed, but tight enough so they don’t get overwhelmed by a lot of would be artists rushing the gates. Music is one of those areas where there are always many people trying to break into the business and while you have to appreciate the effort, they didn’t want people rushing in during all hours of the day.

Getting The Right Intercom

For their business, a gate intercom system was an absolute necessity, but it needed to be flexible. Multiple people were responsible for bringing in talent during different times of the day, and ideally they wanted something that could work in a stationary manner like a mounted gate intercom but also be able to communicate with hand held radios or other communication devices.

Gate IntercomIn the case of Country Music Summit the solution came in the form of MURS Compact Wireless Callbox with relay. There had been some issues with people slipping in before, and even if it’s with honest intentions, that’s just not a safe environment. However the MURS was perfect. One was mounted for communication at the front gate, and others were setup to work with communication between security, human resources, and any departments that were going to be involved with back and forth foot traffic.

This was the perfect solution. No one would get through the front gate without verbally contacting the person inside to get approval while people on the grounds could also communicate clearly with one another. Great security, great flexibility. This was that rare combination that many businesses believe is so hard to find.

Buying From The Intercom Pros

This is why it is so important to buy online from the pros who truly know security. Country Music Summit knew they needed something, but finding the perfect fit at a competitive price is often difficult with local contractors who are going to charge for time and probably push what gives them the biggest profit margin versus what system might be the best fit for the specific business in need.

Fortunately for Country Music Summit, their story has a happy ending.  Security is a huge issue when it comes to running a popular business, and finding that balance between flexibility and solid security is often a difficult one. This is where a company like IntercomsOnline and their gate intercoms came in to help come up with the best solution that matches the most important needs on both sides of things.